Most Popular Vinyl flooring trends | 2022

Most Popular Vinyl flooring trends | 2022

Vinyl flooring trends are growing day by day globally. It is so because it is durable, stylish and has many types according to the colour and texture. In other words, its variations make it a more demanding type of floor. This is the reason that one can see it in many offices, hotels, houses, and other commercial and residential places.

In the same context, research says that in 2020, the global vinyl industry market value was about 30 billion USD. Besides this, it will increase to 51 billion USD in 2028. So, this is a tremendous increase that this market can witness. In this regard, we have gathered a list of popular vinyl flooring trends in 2022. This list can be based on style, color and durability. So, read this blog to understand all about the aforementioned trends.

Waterproof vinyl flooring

The trend of waterproof vinyl flooring is on the hike. It is so because it is easy to clean and mop the wet floor. The second thing is that it is durable as it can lock water on the surface of the floor. So, people prefer this rather than any other stone or wood parquet.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring trend

The luxury vinyl tile flooring trend is on rising. Owing to its durability, and long-lasting it has maintained its market. Further, less maintenance cost and the element of waterproofing make it more convenient for its customers. It is slip-resistant, and stylish which makes it the choice of the masses.

Wood-look vinyl floors   

In 2022, wood-look vinyl is becoming popular and the choice of many homeowners and business brass. Its elegant style, the diversity of color and texture, makes it adorable. In the context of texture, hand scraped, wire brushed, and distressed are prominent to mention. Besides this, according to wood-look species, oak, pine, hickory, walnut, acacia, and maple are pertinent. All this classification shows how much diversity it has. Hence, it establishes that owing to its styles and textures it can be a wide choice of homeowners.

Stone look vinyl

Now the choices of floors for homeowners and others have increased. However, in the past, it was not so. People were using stone and marble. But now people have the option of stone-looking vinyl. The timeless and chic marble style of stone look vinyl trend is not going down in 2022. Moreover, limestone is also a modern thing in this category. Slate and Travertine, which are used in the castle flooring style, are also rising trends in 2022.

Patterned vinyl flooring

The patterned flooring is also an admirable style. These patterns can be in the form of geometric order or in any other way. So, these are available on vinyl plank flooring, which is a trendy thing. People like parquet patterns and classical trellis designs. A sufficient majority of people prefer their floor in the patterned vinyl form, as it makes a different and unique style of flooring.

In this context, the experts have predicted that this trend will remain in 2022 as well. Some have predicted that it will grow further next year as well.

Rising trend of vinyl sheets

Along with the vinyl floors, the vinyl sheets of the flooring are also trending. In different colors, multiple textures, various shades, and countless designs of vinyl sheets have accelerated the flooring. Many people are using the sheets for flooring purposes. The fiberglass and wood-like texture of the sheet make the floor attractive and natural. As a result, it can be a temporary flooring solution, but it is so natural that it may not look like so.

In this context, experts have predicted that this trend will remain warm not only this year but in the coming years as well.

 SPC vinyl

This type of floor is also in a rising trend in 2022. In its characteristics, it is a tough, sturdy, and tight core floor. Owing to these characteristics, it can be installed where you usually cannot install any floor.

The other benefit of this floor is its smoothness, which can be missing in the subfloors. It means that subfloors are often full of waves and unsmooth. However, if you are installing this floor, then you will not face the problem of the uneven foundation of the floor. This quality of SPC makes it more reliable on uneven surfaces.

Moving forward, this is trending in 2022 because of these characteristics.  In addition to this, it will be in top trends in the next few years as well.

Concluding remarks

We have mentioned some of the trendy vinyl floors of this year. These have been extracted based on colour, look, texture, style and material as well. Further, we have explained the most prominent characteristics of these parquets.

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