Top 10 Popular Hardwood Flooring Trends | 2022

Top 10 Popular Hardwood Flooring Trends | 2022

Hardwood flooring is a popular idea to maintain the beauty of your home. Now the question is, how would you know which style of hardwood is trending in 2022. The other question is, why people are liking that particular style. Moreover, what are the drawbacks and points of these flooring styles? All these things would be discussed in this blog post. Hence, if you want such type of renovation in 2022 then read this blog as we have covered all the things in detail.

Knotless wood floor

The very first in our wooden floor ranking is the Knotless parquet style. It is also called calm knot-free style. In its characteristics, the wood floor has a less rustic look and fewer knots or knot holes. Now the question is why this style is trending. The answer is simple.


  • Fewer knots make it more attractive
  • A less rustic look maintains its elegance


Moving forward, some other things make it distinguish itself from its competitors. For example, wood-coloured fillers and planed parquet. Interestingly, owing to these characteristics it has maintained its place almost at the top. However, in 2020 it was in 9th position.

Customized hardwood flooring

This style of flooring is popular because it comes with your personalized hardwood settings and design. The trend of this style is hiking because people focus on their liking. Now the question is, what kind of customization it would be. The answer is that it depends upon the choice of an individual and how efficiently a company maintains it.

Light brown

Brown is the favourite colour among many customers as it looks elegant. It not only enhances the value of the home but also makes it more attractive. In 2022, the trend towards light brown has hiked. Moreover, it can make an attributive change of look with the matching of the walls.


In addition, this type of floor also hides the scratches as compared to any dark colour. To cut the long story short, it has popularity owing to the aforementioned reasons. Hence, if you want such type of floor for your home or office then contact us.


Chevron laying and Herringbone patterns 

Chevron and Herringbone styles have remained at the top of the list for two years. However, still, these flooring patterns are popular among people. There are some of the following factors that enhance the demand for these two patterns of flooring. First, it makes the rooms more elegant. Second, the geometric pattern is different than any other design philosophy. As a result, many people prefer these flooring styles.

White Oak

Oak is durable and the combination of white makes a more attractive look for your home. The inclination of people is increasing day by day toward white Oak because it is durable and charming. Second, it resists moisture as compared to the Red Oak. However, it is a known fact that no hardwood floor is waterproof.

Variation styles 

This type of design is popular because it gives a more natural look than any other format of hardwood floor. This is also called the high-variation style. In addition to this, multiple colours and different widths of planks make it more appealing.

The classic single plank 

It is one of the best parquets in the hardwood market. There are many patterns and different design philosophies in the market but no one can replace the classical single plank. It is so because it gives a classic and somehow rustic look to the residence place.


Furthermore, the look of the plank makes it more uniform and different than any other pattern. In addition to this, it gives a unique older look to your floors and home both.

The Gray wood 

This design is also among one trendy floor in 2022. There are multiple reasons why people like it. First, it gives an unorthodox appearance to a home and multiplies its charm. Second, it also gives a pleasant feel with durability which attracts people.


By the dint of the aforementioned facts, it is the choice of many in 2022. In addition to this, it has been predicted that the aforementioned style is not going anywhere in the next year as well.

Handscarped floor 

This is also one of the unique and different types of floors. It gives a rustic, and full of rages look to the home. Furthermore, multiple scrapes and various knots make it more adorable. This type of floor makes your home more futuristic and peculiar beauty. This trend is also not going anywhere even in the next year.

Distressed wood 

Distressed wood flooring makes your home cozier. The process of distress has been done with machines, the most of time. On the other hand, if you have found a person which can do this lumber work without the machine. It means it is also not a bad option. To cut the long story short, it is also a style that many people opt for. Moreover, it is elegant too.

Concluding remarks

We have explained all the trendy and stylish types of hardwood floors. So, if you want such type of renovation for your home then contact our flooring contractors in Toronto. We are giving all these services and we will guide you as well. We can install from Knotless wood floor to distressed one. Moreover, we will help you in every aspect of this regard. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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