Mississauga, Ontario.

Tycan Flooring had the pleasure of working on this beautifully decorated kitchen space. We were to ensure that the existing cabinetry would match the newly planned flooring project.


The Emerson Family

Our clients knew exactly what they wanted. They had a master plan that was already in the works. The kitchen already had its color scheme, our job was to simply supply the product and install it. Since than, we have done a few more projects with the family and we are always eager to hear from them.

Our Task


We were to make sure that our products would match the color scheme while providing the highest possible quality through our installation process. This was to be done in a timely and proficient manner as the clients had been preparing for a housewarming party that was coming up during the week.

Skills Involved


  • Consultation
  • Flooring Installation
  • Sound Proofing

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