Is there any kind of trim work that needs to be done once my hardwood floors are installed?

Knowing the fact that there must be a gap of a quarter inch between the hardwood floors and the wall, it is best to cover that gap with a trim of quarteround or shoe mould. This condition is only applied to floors that already have existing baseboard. If you were to install new baseboard after installing your hardwood floors, then trim is now optional.

How do I avoid my new floors from being scratched?

to keep your floors long lasting and scratch free, its always recommended, light or heavy furniture, to always put felts legs of all furniture. This will make it easier to move your furniture around, and will avoid any damages.

What should I use to clean my hardwood floors ?

There are many cleaning products in the market to clean your hardwood floors. Just keep in mind that its really preference to what product you would like to use. It is important to note that you DO NOT pour water or mass liquids onto the floor and then mop the floor. This will cause damage to the floor to an extent where the floor may have to be ripped out. So if there are any spills make sure you wipe it off instantly to avoid any damage or buckling.

I moved my area rug after a long period of time, and noticed that there was a change in color to where the floor was exposed to sunlight. Why is that?

This is quite common, most hardwood floors either darken or lighten with sun exposure, due to the reaction of ambient light and ageing of the wood. The best way to avoid this kind of incident is to shift your furniture every once and while that way the floor is taking natural light evenly throughout time.

How do I acclimate my hardwood floors ?

Prior to installation its recommened to keep the wood in the room to be installed for a minimum of 48 hours. Depeneding on the wood itself, some brands recommend 5 days, so its best to read the instructions on the box of hardwood that you purchased.

Do I need to put padding beneath my area rugs to avoid movement ?

Yes, we would personally recommend a breathable rug underlay, mesh or grid patterns work best.

What is the difference between engineered hardwood and solid hardwood?

Solid hardwood is installed with cleats or staples. Each plank is nailed down , whereas engineered wood can be, glued down, nailed down or click. Naild down floors is steady to the sub floor. Glue down is mostly used in condos and basements due to the concrete floor, and click can be used for both wood sub floor and concrete.

Can damaged hardwood be repaired?

Yes, there are a few ways to repair a piece. For chipped pieces you can use wood filler that matches the color. For scratches, you can use a stain marker and for major dents you can cut out the piece and replace it.

Can I use a vacuum to clean my floors?

Depending on the vacuum, if it’s a vacuum with wheels its probably best not to. Vacuums my cause scratches and dents. This is why we recommend swifter material to avoid any accidents while cleaning. 10. why do you keep a gap around the perimeter of the room? This gap is crucial for expansion and contraction for the floor to take it course of breathing. Not leaving a gap may cause buckles in the future.

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